Thursday, 26 March 2009

Wait for a problem and three come at once - NOT like buses!

My phone and email continue to go crazy today. I spent the morning at Shire Hall talking to an officer about the 09:00 service on the No. 18 bus from Toft which will disappear after 12th April. There are a lot of angry people who are going to be seriously affected when / if this service goes.

One option I’ve asked the Council to explore is funding a 09:00 service themselves – if a minimum number of passengers use the service it would be self supporting. I’m waiting to hear what that magic number is and then I can canvass Toft in the coming days to see if we can go down that route. Other alternatives I’ve asked to be looked at are to drop a service in the afternoon in favour of the 09:00 run. I meet with our local expert on buses tomorrow morning to get a history of what's been going on over the years.

Caldecote bus passengers on the other hand would love to have the above problem - they have nothing other than the 07:30 No. 2 service so I’m continuing to plug away on their behalf and Saturday will see me knocking on more doors with my bus usage survey.

But my main activity today has been about the closure of Toft Day Care Centre at Home Meadow. The stories I’m getting from carers about the effect this closure will have on their lives reminds me exactly why we are elected – to make sure everyone gets represented .

There are lots of discussions (many of them heated) going on in the background at this stage to see what we do – and I will be updating as soon as I have anything concrete to report.

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