Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Local meetings

Yesterday I said I’d blog what I’ve been up to for the three months since I’ve been elected and here is a quick overview.

Parish Council Meetings.
Every Month I try to get to the Parish Council meetings in Caldecote, Toft, Barton, Coton, Comberton, Grantchester and Hardwick, and once every two months the bi-monthly meetings in Madingley and Kingston. I give a report at those meetings about any issues affecting the villages and follow up on any issues the Councils have raised.

Raising issues for me with your Parish Council does get a reaction and results, although some issues can be resolved quicker then others. Cambridge Road in Hardwick and the speed thumps in Caldecote will take a bit longer to get resolved, but they have been an issue for years and can not be fixed over night given the costs involved. In contrast the issue of mobility scooter users not being able to access Barton shops was raised at Barton PC last month – a week later I was out in the morning with the Highways Department looking at the High Street and they are going to put in a bid for a grant to resurface the whole of the High Street, sort out the position and condition of dropped curbs and move about staggered barriers currently preventing passage by wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Throw in a Governor’s Meeting at Caldecote Primary School every 4 – 6 weeks and a Neighbourhood Police Panel Meeting every 3 months and that just about covers the village meetings. That said I have an extra one today as I'll be going to the Tuesday Club in Caldecote to talk to local residents about how we get back a No. 2 bus service for the village.

Tomorrow – Council Meetings and what I’ve managed to get done as a result of attending all these meetings!

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