Sunday, 29 March 2009

A roaring success

It’s a beautiful day today – one of my favourite times of year because I love seeing all the local villages in bloom with lots of daffodils. The hedgerows as you pass through Toft are just spectacular. Well worth a visit if you haven’t seen them.

Last night was a late night as I hosted an evening for those new folks who are standing to be a County Councillor in the elections on June 4th. In keeping with others turning their lights off for an hour to highlight how we waste energy; we spent a twinkling evening by candlelight. I’m also grateful that I remembered to change the clocks last night so I woke up in time to witness Jenson Button’s spectacular win in the Australian Grand Prix – never have I seen three grown men smile quite as much as Jenson, Reubens and Ross – although Jenson’s father came a very close second!

My bike test is coming up soon, so today I’m out for a special session to help conquer my Achilles heel – U turns. It’s becoming a family game to talk me through the steps - mind over matter and it should all come good.

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