Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Multi-tasking and toffee

Having 2 weeks off with the family over Easter will be fantastic – but it’s proving interesting trying to fit everything in before I go.

So far this morning I’ve bundled up 300 leaflets to drop off to a kind soul for delivering, replied to some emails from relatives concerned at the impending closure at Home Meadow Day Care Facility in Toft, drawn up a recap of my meeting with Social Services last Friday, chased up a Road safety Survey for a street layout in Hardwick – oh and got 2 boys off to school (on time and without argument!), and sorted out the dishwasher and washing machine in between doing a few other things – but I did forget to buy my son a compass – so as far as he’s concerned I can’t multi task for toffee

Still it’s only 8:30 and I have three more meetings after 2:00 this afternoon (I'll be at Home Meadow with relatives for their meeting at 2:00 pm and 6:30pm) so I may just manage to squeeze it in and get out of his bad books!

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