Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Council Meetings

So – what else do I do?

County Meetings
County Councillors have a full day Council meeting once every 6 weeks at Shire Hall. A few days before that we also have a day where County Officers will brief us in the morning of any new things coming up (such as the budget last month, and information of Autism Services this month) and then an afternoon of Policy Planning within our own political groups. We are all VERY thankful for the tea and coffee provided!

All Councillors also sit on a committee and I sit on the Health, Adult and Community Services Scrutiny Committee. We hold officers to account for decisions made and as a result I have probably attended 5 additional meetings following on from the decision to close Wessex Place. I’ve met relatives of those residents affected by the closure, been to meet with staff at Wessex Place, talked to the County Officials involved and I’ve been to visit two of the proposed alternative accommodation sites.

Emails and phone Calls
People email and call all the time and again this is a great source of information because much as my children think I am all seeing and hearing (which in their case I am!) in reality I can not be in 10 places at once. But as the residents of Green End and Branch Road, Comberton, know, if you need something such as a road gritted then give me a call and I may be able to persuade Highways to get it done even though it’s not on the list. Mind you, it’s a bit scary when you haven’t logged on for 2 days and come back to an avalanche of emails. At least it prevents paper being used! I have a mobile phone and a laptop but I’ve drawn the line at being instantly contactable 24 hours a day so I’m resisting the urge to upgrade my mobile phone to one that will give me email too.

Tomorrow – the “to do” and “done” lists!

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