Tuesday, 24 March 2009

What ever happened to care for the elderly?

It’s a funny old life being a Councillor – a bit of a rollercoaster ride at times. Some days you get to the end of and think of what you’ve accomplished and other days you look at how long it is going to take for money to be available for a particular project or for someone to reply to you and frustration takes over.

I can’t believe we’re only at Tuesday, so far this week, because my phone and email have not stopped since Sunday with distraught relatives phoning to ask what I know/knew about the closure of the day centre in Toft. The short answer on Sunday was nothing – the answer today is much longer!

Having spent yesterday and today talking to relatives and putting them in touch with each other for support, I got a group of about 20 together outside the home (on the public footpath) for a photograph and tomorrow we hit the papers to make sure this doesn’t get brushed under the carpet. I’ve spoken about it on Antonia Brickell’s programme on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire this afternoon, and I hope that the more noise we make, the more likely someone is to hear what we are saying and do something! This is the third day centre in a year that one attendee has seen close, and another relative told me of her desperation – the only time she can do anything such as shopping is during the time her mother spends at the day centre. No local Councillors were informed, no relatives / attendees have been officially informed – not even the local doctors have been informed. So much for the “consultation” promised!

Yet again it seems that our most vulnerable citizens draw the short straw.

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