Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Bike, The Baroness and the Bountiful Ice Cream

Not a Sunday tabloid headline, but an enjoyable day in the Whelan household!

Friday was a memorable day for two reasons. As I've previously confessed, I'm a closet biker but have not passed my test despite owning a Virago 750 cc for an embarrasingly long time. It sits in my other half's garage waiting for me to bring it back to it's rightful home 12 miles away!

Well, with the sun shining and all the spring flowers in bloom I have dusted off my visor and got back on the road - Friday seeing me out doing my first Direct Access session and loving every minute of the open road on a 500cc bike; albeit with "mirrors , signal, life saver" being repeated in my ear piece at regular intervals by an Instructor. Today sees me shattered and stiff from all the manoeuvring and swearing to get fit again!! Test soon - date remains a state secret in case I put my foot down whilst doing the dreaded U Turn on a bike!

The second memorable thing of Friday was going to a talk by Baroness Ros Scott (our new Party President) and hearing about how she got in to politics. We share a surprisingly similar path into politics at the beginning (not least of which is both repaying a student loan at an age when most people are paying out for one for their children). It was an inspiring evening and nice to know that I'm not alone in my desire to see more women enter politics once they realise that all you need is to be passionate about your E/environment.

Son No.1 is chuffed to have met a real life Baroness who he was surprised (and delighted) to find was "normal" and easy to talk to. He is also starting to take a real interest in what I am doing but has the begruding respect of a teenager that prevents him from saying much! Son No. 2 enjoyed his evening because of the diner that followed Ros's speach. There were less takers for ice cream than the main course and by smiling VERY sweetly he got 4 bowls and could probably give most Politicians a run for their money in the endearing stakes! Both continue to be ardent Lib Dem Supporters - albeit for very different reasons!

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