Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Education, Education, Education.

When Labour were elected in May 1997 I was pregnant and suffering incredible insomnia and heartburn. I vividly remember sitting up and watching the whole thing and the absolute decimation of many sitting Conservative MPs. Michael Portillo’s speech was one of many that stuck out. Many people throughout the country were ready for a clean broom to sweep away their ills and sort things out – in particular the education system.

Today the cause of that insomnia (and, as most parents will understand, the cause of many sleepless nights since!!) was given a place at Secondary School. I’m very lucky as we got our first choice: Comberton Village College. But how let down parents must feel when none of their choices were accepted and some are going through the lottery process to get a place.

I’ve always said to my sons that other than an embarrassing surfeit of love (and see previous blogs for my views on public affection to keep them in check in a supermarket!) the best start in life I can give them is a decent education.

Disappointed, Disappointed, Disappointed would probably seem more apt for many parents today!

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