Sunday, 15 March 2009

Eyes Down ......

It feels like a bingo roll call with an “eyes down and away we go” but here is what I have been up to in the Ward since elected

Caldecote and Childerley
I’ve visited and surveyed residents about the village’s needs for the re-introduction of the No 2 bus Service, and I'm lobbying for the removal of the infamous speed thumps – not to remove traffic calming from the village – but to enable the Parish Council to put in effective speed calming measures that slow down traffic whilst minimising damage to cars.

I’m working closely with the Parish Council to sort out the dangerous traffic situation in Cambridge Road and the creation of a cycle path from Hardwick to Toft (to join up with the Toft to Comberton cycle path. In addition, I’ve organised the Highways Department to come and paint some white lines denoting the need to give way between The Pastures and Grace Crescent.

I’m involved with safer routes to school, in particular looking at CVC, and have been active with local residents who were opposed to planned new houses being built off Swaynes Lane.

As for Hardwick, I’m actively pushing for a Hardwick to Toft Cycle path

I’ve met with County Officials about the 18 bus service and requested it be run a few minutes earlier in the morning to enable sixth students to arrive at school on time.

And for all villages I’ve been reporting pot holes in the road, shoddy and dangerous pavements and, in the recent cold snaps, roads that required gritting, and meeting to find out about a new Sure Start Children's Centre planned for our ward and likely to be located in Caldecote.

Tomorrow – Barton, Coton, Grantchester and Madingley!

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