Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day – the hardest part has been pretending to be asleep whilst my younger son has been desperate to wake me up with cards since 06:30 – but was warned by his grandmother that he had to wait for his elder brother to wake up – I gave in at 09:00 – my mother has obviously forgotten how long the average teenager can sleep – and that fact that he would need to go back to bed for a nap after the trauma of an "early morning" breakfast!

I started to jot down some thoughts for my blog this morning – just as the news flashed up that Jade Goody had died overnight. Like many parents I had a feeling that she would hang on in there and try and make it to Mother’s Day. Whether you loved or loathed her, you can’t help but feel for her mother who has lost her only daughter and for those two young boys who have woken up to be told the worst possible news on Mother’s Day.

My thoughts are certainly with them today and I gave my two boys a tighter than usual hug this morning.

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