Monday, 2 March 2009

1st March 2009

Having never got into the habit of keeping a personal diary over the years – although a great fan of the work / schedule sort – I have to confess to finding it hard to get into the routine of keeping my blog updated on a daily basis. I’ve now got a note in my diary to do it each evening!

Sunday’s, when I tend to have a bit of a catch up in the office, are great. I have time to think and clear my mind and then jot down some ideas.

My diary and to do list are full at the moment. One of the great things about winning a by-election is that only one election is taking place – not every single 69 seats across the County – so there is lots of help available.

Now I sit in a strange no man’s land. There is another election in 3 months time and very soon I’ll have cracked my comfy shoes out of the cupboard. But at the same time I’m steadily working my way through a long, long list of case work as little was done in the Hardwick ward in the last 3.5 years. And – time permitting – I want to be out knocking on doors. It's a great way to keep updating my list of pavements that need to be repaired!

So time management is the name of the game these days!

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