Sunday, 12 October 2008

Day Two

I’d already planned to attend the East of England Regional Conference yesterday, what I hadn’t expected was to have so many people squint at my name badge and declare “Ah, you’re Fiona!”. My decision not to wear the usual weekend attire of Jeans was probably a wise one as I had my photograph taken with our MPs, MEP and others. The wonderful Simon Hughes was particularly gallant when one of my heels sunk into the grass whilst we were having our photo taken and I was stuck fast! Watch this space and future episodes of our Focus to see who I’m meeting at the moment. It changes so quickly even I don’t know what’s coming next, but I’m really looking forward to meeting Nick Clegg at our Question Time session on Thursday evening.

Today is a quieter day. I’ve picked up copies of our recent Focus to deliver locally and answered more kind emails offering support and encouragement. I’m quickly realising the wonderful generosity of people in the party – I’ve been inundated with offers of help (all gratefully received and I will be taking you all up on them!) and can’t wait for the campaign to formally get rolling once the election is officially called. Our campaign really kicks off on Tuesday evening so I’m spending the day getting the house organised and the freezer full – whilst remembering that someone has to load and unload the washing machine and generally getting my “coalition of the unwilling” aka children to learn that whilst magic may work in the world of Harry Potter, us poor mortals and muggles need to actually do it ourselves.

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