Saturday, 11 October 2008

Day One: We have a by-election!

Sitting in a totally silent household as everyone else sleeps, I finally have some peace and quiet to look back, catch my breath and reflect on the amazing 24 hours that have just passed.

A normal Friday until I switched on my mobile to check for messages at about 11:00 and discovered a frantic one from my agent, Martin Land, asking me to call him back “immediately” in the tone of voice my mother uses when you know better than to ignore it! A quick call later and I discover to my shock (surprise, amazement and delight once the shock wore off) that our current County Councillor had tendered his resignation and a by-election was going to be called. It’s one thing to agree to stand for a position when you know that elections are 8 months away and a very different thing when you suddenly realise that they are about 5 weeks away!

My decision to change from full to part-time work last week could not have come at a better time and a few phone calls later to my equally surprised and excited parents and close friends, I had wall to wall support organised at home to allow me to give my all to the wonderful opportunity I was being offered – standing as a County Council candidate for the Liberal Democrat party.

Coming home from work I discovered 10 messages on my answer phone and 33 e-mails in my Inbox and realised that we had hit the campaign trail running. I’m overwhelmed by the messages of support and offers of help flooding in from people I’ve never even met. I’m very grateful to each and every one of you and hope to meet everyone over the coming weeks as the campaign heats up so that I can thank you all in person.

I have two sons and we had a quick family meeting this evening so that they would understand what the next month or so would bring (the sort that goes along the lines of me delivering some momentous news and asking if everyone understands that it will mean making some changes and them nodding and asking what time dinner is at). The great thing with a teenage son is that you know your place in his order of priorities!

So here I sit typing, as everyone else sleeps and I can finally get my thoughts together. Always a fan of putting things in my pocket diary I have dusted off my faithful personal organiser and I’m ready, organised and chomping at the bit. It’s funny how big and small things vie with each other in your mind whilst jotting down what needs to be done. Later on this morning we have our East of England Regional Conference at Huntingdon. Planning my week ahead as the local party election machinery swings into action I’ve cleared my diary but as a Governor of our local Primary school I have a meeting early on Tuesday evening and then later on another meeting with the local party to plan my campaign. In between I mustn’t forget to organise tickets for Cambridge United as I’ve promised to take my sons to see them play on Saturday 1st November and at the back of my mind is the all important form I have to submit by November 7th that secures my younger son a place at Secondary School.

We’ve survived Day One and as a whole family can’t wait for the thrilling roller coaster ride that the next few weeks are going to be. I feel very honoured to be selected and hope to be able to serve the Hardwick Ward very soon.


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Paul said...

Good luck, Fiona. Top tip: Take a camera with you everywhere. Your agent can never have enough pictures of you.