Monday, 13 October 2008

Day Three

People think that running for County Council is hard work and a huge responsibility. Whilst not under estimating the amount of time and responsibility it will be, I have just smiled through very gritted teeth at the person who has managed to loose a school fleece, a school jumper, football socks, almost the entire contents of his pencil case, his lunch box, his mobile phone recharger (at least it’s not the phone this time),his wallet, house keys, school pass bus and now insists that the body warmer he brought home after 2 years in his locker is too small to fit either him or his sibling ….. and all this since term started less than 2 months ago ……. and that none of this is his fault……. I shall relish the tranquillity of heated council debates!

More wonderful emails from you all – and I now have a mobile phone dedicated to election business. My concession to not wanting to turn into a faceless grey suit is to have a shockingly pink one! I’ll have to find an equally “uniquely Fiona” ring tone to go with it.

More news tomorrow as our Campaign finally takes off – I shall enjoy my last night of peace as I write yet another cheque to replace lost items.

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