Thursday, 23 October 2008

Day Eleven – Sore feet!

After a sterling effort by a truly inspiring number of helpers we managed to deliver just under 4,000 leaflets in 24 hours. I have a feeling that several of us will be sitting with our feet soaking this evening and mental note to self to wear walking boots next time I go out! The only scars I bear are on my knuckles – we live in an area of well insulated letter boxes and anyone who has ever done a leaflet drop will know what an assault course for the hands they can be!

My heartfelt thanks to everyone for helping to deliver, and to my Mum, Beth, for manning the phone and supplying soup, rolls, teas and coffees every time we needed a quick pit stop.

A few "quieter" days now so I’m hoping to help out at Teversham where Frances Amrani is standing as a District Councillor in the Teversham by-election on November 20th. We’re both benefiting from standing at a time when it’s “relatively” quiet on the election front and help has come from everywhere. We're very appreciative, and I'm discovering that leaflet drops certainly get you fit quick.

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