Friday, 24 October 2008

Day Twelve

We’re almost two weeks into our campaign now and the election has formally been called. My Blog up until now has given a small insight into the more day to day things that we all deal with, but not a lot about what I stand for and why I want to represent the people of the Hardwick Ward as their County Councillor and what I have to offer them in return for their votes. No, I am not a Russian oligarch before you get too excited – drive and determination are on offer here.

A few things happened yesterday to crystallise my thoughts regarding this. One was the inevitable realisation that the media are going to continue to be more interested in Sarah Palin’s lipstick and new wardrobe than her policies. The second was a question to our MEP Andrew Duff at the Executive Meeting last night – do the electorate know what the Liberal Democrats achieve in Europe? More on that one tomorrow.

What I have to offer is a passion for my local community and the determination to see it represented properly at Shire Hall. My profile tells you that I am a Parish Councillor, a School Governor and have recently finished my legal studies. It does not convey the Advocacy I have practiced in relation to children with Special Educational Needs and my drive to see children given the best education available locally. We are blessed with some wonderful schools in this area – but that is no use to the family who is told the schools are oversubscribed and no places are available locally.

I drive, ride a bike or use the local bus services depending on what is most suitable for my particular journey. I’m lucky to have that choice – but many people don’t. Our transport links are vital and buses that have their service cut or simply don’t stick to their timetable are no use to people waiting for them to arrive. And for cycle paths to work the obvious thing is to extend their range and join them up – a journey needs to be completed safely but so many times a cycle path used ends abruptly.

Local housing is no good if there nothing affordable for the children and grandchildren of current residents to live in and they have to move away. So – if elected – I will be there to represent the views and wishes of the people of the Hardwick on the issues that are important to them. I want to know your views – please email me, call me, or stop me if you see me out canvassing and let me know what those issues are that are important to you.

In short I stand for democratic representation of the people of Hardwick Ward in return for the cast of their vote.

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Stephen Robinson said...

Found your blog via Martin Land. Good luck. Your question to our MEP Andrew Duff is one I often ask him!

He and the other Lib Dem MEPs are making a real difference to laws that directly affect us all. They hold the balance between the Conservatives and the socialists. If people realised that, they might take more interest.