Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hearing a pin drop

Cabinet Day at Shire Hall and some very important things on the agenda. It's always hard to go through serious case reviews in relation to the deaths of young people - distressing for both the families and the professionals involved.

The pin dropping moment came right at the end with the usual Guided Bus item. Up until the last 24 hours we've been promised that an end was in sight with the completion of the Southern section in December. Now we're being told January. If there wasn't so much money at stake it would be laughable - but this has the potential to be VERY expensive. All those promises about not costing the tax payers of Cambridgeshire a penny are starting to sound very hollow. When this is done and dusted and we finally get the Public Enquiry we've been calling for, I truly hope that we will see people accepting responsibility and accountability for their actions and inactions.

For me the first Tueday of the month brings a Parish Council meeting in Barton - again inacessible from Caldecote by bus. I was sorely tempted to turn around as the rain came down (and the correct answer to the rhetorical question "do I need my waterproof trousers?" is Yes - not NO!!!!) but I felt good for perservering. I have the option of a car on the drive at the end of this month - lots of people don't.

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