Monday, 6 September 2010

3, 4, knock at the door

My third day in and I'm getting the hang of things. Although I haven't been a reguar exerciser in a while (quite a while!) I really do feel better for the 40 mins ride in and the 40 mins ride back. I did find it noticeable that the schools were back with a vengeance however. There was more traffic on the road and school buses are a new factor to take in to consideration. Whilst my motorcycle training has ingrained a suspicion of how well some van drivers check their mirrors and blindspots before they pull out, I'm now getting to grips with the side stream caused by a bus whoosing past. Although technically there is a cycle path most of the way up Madingley Road as you come out of town - I feel very vulnerable as I get to the M11 turnoff and may consider going back to the cycle path on the other side of the road.

Saturday was a bit more of a personal challenge as I wanted to join the canvassers out in East Chesterton who are campaigning for our candidate Ian Manning. Much as I could get there by bike I'm not that keen on knocing on people's doors when I've just had a 50 minute workout. So I explored the bus opportunities.

The biggest complaint that Caldecote residents have about public transport is the lack of buses through the village. There is a frequent service from the Citi 4 which runs along the top of the village but it can be anything up to a three mile walk to get there. From my house I have a very brisk 10 minute walk to the bus stop - but I'm young(ish) fit and healthy and not struggling with heavy shopping bags or young children. For many residents in the village taking this bus is simply not an option. Their alternative is the 07:06 Number 14 service which takes 59 minutes to get in to town - and only runs Monday to Friday. If you can't acces the Citi 4 then you are stuck in the village all weekend.

Again I've seen bits of the City I haven't explored before because I walked part of the way. East Chesterton has some beautiful areas down by the river - and a great cycle network. Something we covet just 7 miles ouside the City Centre!

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