Friday, 3 September 2010

Day 2 - and a few revelations

The gremlins that attack our villages' broadband in peak hours got me last night and I'm posting this a little late. Although I'm aiming to highlight the lack of bus transport in the 9 villages making up the Hardwick Division, I'm sticking to bicycle for the first few days before experimenting with buses next week. Being brutally honest - it's hard work going from almost no exercise to cycling 14 miles a day and if I hop on a bus after the first few days I'll find it harder to get back on the bike next week. There’s only so much Gel you can get in a modern saddle.That said I'm actually enjoying riding in to Shire Hall each day. The weather is great, the exercise is making me sleep more soundly than I've done for years - and I found I actually looked forward to it this morning. And it's having a few unexpected effects! I've always been keen on planning ahead and my diary goes everywhere with me. But, not being able to hop in a car at the drop of a hat is making we question whether my journeys are essential - and so far other than Parish Council and Shire Hall meetings I've found that they're not. And once the family realised that I was 100% serious that the car was going nowhere - it's help to focus their minds on what they needed. School starts back today and there were no last minute requests for items last night. I've probably NOT driven 60 or 70 miles just in the last two days. My biggest revelation has been how much quicker it is to get about the City on 2 wheels, and what great rides there are - for example getting from Shire Hall to Newmarket Road by crossing Jesus Green and then riding alongside the River. I'm keen to explore more of the City this way now. For next week I'll have panniers in lieu of my current backpack and lights as I start my monthly round of Parish Council meetings.

But I AM enjoying it – mostly!

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