Thursday, 30 September 2010

Almost there

Today is my last day of self enforced no car / motorbike usage.
This last week has probably been hardest as I see the end in sight. Monday my bus didn't arrive, and the next one was late. Tuesday I got soaked walking to the bus. Wednesday the bus soared past me just as I was about to cross the road to the bus stop, and this morning the bus was late again.
I've developed a few blisters from wearing the wrong sort of work shoes to do the 10 minute walk either side of the bus stop, but I've also found I'm getting fitter and I quite like my daily bouts of exercise (albeit that I prefer the walk when its dry and have perfected moving my anorak hood before looking to make sure my peripheral vision is correct!)
So at the end of the month not only have I not filled the car up several times (I've spent £34.50 on megarider tickets or I've used my bike), I've improved my carbon foot print considerably. I've driven at least 1000 miles less than I usually would have done, and as I have to carry home whatever I buy there has been a lot less kitchen waste in our house.
So just a few more hours to go and then I'll have the car back and can finally do a proper weekly shop - the thing I've missed most. But I'll still be using the bus on a regular basis and keeping the car for those occasions that I just can't get a bus to my destination.

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