Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Monday and it's raining .....

Having had a day at home on Sunday and traveled nowhere at all, Monday sees me starting my week of trying to use the bus to get about.

Needing to be at Shire Hall for 10:30 - the 07:06 Number 14 Service was no use. It would get me in to Shire Hall 2 ½ hours early - and mean that I'd have to leave 50 minutes before my two teenage sons leave for school. And as anyone who has teenagers knows - they have a tendancy to go back to bed!

The Citi 4 got me in to work easily - and having looked at the price of a Mega Rider I think I'll be using it a lot more on those days that I just need to go in and back. If I need to do several stops in my 9 villages it's not going to work.

The evening was a bit more problematic as, being the first Monday of the month, I had Parish Council meetings in both Madingley and Toft. Put simply - there is just no way to get there by bus in the evenings in a timely fashion. I cycled to Madingley for 7:30 and then after 30 minutes I got back on my bike and rode to Toft.

I'll be honest and say I didn't enjoy the ride to Toft very much. The light rain, wind and exercise were fine. What I didn't like were the invisible lines distinguishing where the cycle paths were, the lack of any sort of lighting to ensure I wasn't about to hit a pot hole, and the car drivers who refuse to dip their main beam when they approach a cyclist - it's hard enough in the dark without being dazzled.

I'm learning lots as this month goes on .....

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