Sunday, 21 June 2009

A year in the life of .....

The work (re)starts here!

The first two weeks after the election have been quite gentle in comparison to the last two months of campaigning – a very different scenario from parachuting in to the job last November. There are the usual Parish Council Meetings and emails and phone calls to attend to and some training at the Council for new Councillors. Funnily enough I qualify for these as I did not have formal induction training in November.

But this week the real work starts. On Friday, the Lib Dem group met to decide who our spokespeople and committee members would be and on Tuesday we have the first full Council Meeting of this new intake. We all shuffle seats depending on the position that we hold – and I’m thrilled that after 6 months in the job I am moving much closer to the front. I am now the Lib Dem Spokes for Adult Services in Cambridgeshire – something I feel very passionate about given the case work I've been doing in the villages. I take over from a wonderful man – Cllr Geoff Heathcock – who is moving to be Chair of the HASC Scrutiny Committee where he will bring his inimitable style and energy to the job! We have some new faces in our party group and all of them have already made their mark and bring tremendous energy and expertise to the group. A formidable team!

Tuesday I turn 45. This time last year I’d just finished all my law exams and was wondering what I was going to be doing with them. What a difference 12 months makes!

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