Monday, 1 June 2009

The home straight

The last week of the election campaign is upon us - Friday the count will be held and we'll see how the votes have been cast.

I'm thankful for blue skies and sunshine - having last canvassed in November this is a lot more pleasant and my woolly jumpers and thermals have staying packed away! My election shoes are very comfortably worn in now.

The family are well into the swing of things second time around - the boys have finally worked out that their contribution is to help with washing up without grumbling! My mother has got things running well on the domestic front and my other half has got to grips with manipulating all the canvass data and deploying us on all the day to the places where we can best remind people to turn out and vote.

A final small reminder: Thursday June 4th - you don't need to have your voting card with you - it's fine to turn up without it.

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