Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Humbled by bravery.

Listening to the news each day it is sometimes easy to become immune to what is going on in the world. Sadly, I believe we call it compassion fatigue. Nationally, people have shown how appalled they are with the MPs expenses scandal and the tide seems to be turning now with a real commitment to change at Westminster.

But sometimes you have to stop and take note of people’s bravery in the world of politics. People often remember where they were when Kennedy died – and I certainly remember where I was 20 years ago when the troops opened fire on the students in Tiananmen Square. But today we are witnessing breathtaking bravery in Iran – people coming out and fighting to make sure that their recent vote counts. I admire their bravery and can only hope that they will be successful without blood shed – but only time will tell.

During the election I posted blog entries citing my concern over people who no longer valued their vote. On the day of the County Council election I was privileged to witness two senior Chinese people being able to vote for the first time ever. It’s impossible to convey how excited they were and how moved those of us in and near the polling station were. They were overwhelmed to be able to exercise a right that many no longer value.

My thoughts are with the demonstrators in Iran – and I can only admire and applaud their bravery in the face of such opposition.

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