Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Calm before the storm

It’s a very eerie “calm before the storm” sort of feeling today. All my leaflets have been delivered. Most of the doors have been knocked on. No sign of any Blues, Greens or Reds out there - or anywhere else ..... very strange! The tellers’ rota is organised and the army of those “knocking up” on the day are ready to roll.

So for now we just keep plodding on, knocking on the last few doors and waiting for the count of the votes – which will take place on Friday. Sons No 1 and 2 are miffed that I haven’t asked for them to have the day off school to attend. But I think once was enough. No 2 is just annoyed as he managed to sleep through November’s count!

But the weather is beautiful and one of my neighbours has just knocked on the door to wish me good luck and give me a very fragrant bunch of sweet peas from her garden. I’ll enjoy the calm because next week I hope to be back at Shire Hall sorting out the bus services through the villages and looking at a raft of social care case work that has just come in.

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