Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Fiddling whilst Rome burns

While Westminster seems hell bent on implosion, I can’t help wondering if they’ve remembered the people on the street that they represent. My post bag is full of issues relating to affordable housing, people worried about services their elderly relatives need to access – dwindling rural bus services, roads, pavements, council tax demands – things that the average person is truly concerned about. Knocking on doors I’ve met a significant number of people who have lost their jobs or think they’re about to.

I’m beyond frustrated with the back and forth verbal fisticuffs at Westminster – particularly as people’s readiness to vote seems to be diminishing on a daily basis as a result of it. Many of our elected parliamentarians seem to be entirely disconnected from the electorate – more worried about saving their own jobs and careers - or hoping to enhance them after a general election.

In the mean time, the local politicians who are actually in touch with the electorate and their concerns plod on, hoping people will turn out tomorrow and put their “X” on the ballot paper.

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