Sunday, 1 February 2009

31st Jan 09

Phew – tax return in by the skin of my teeth – along with a lot of other people! I’ve promised myself to get it done in April this year but have just been reminded I said that last year as well. Oh well - it's something to work towards.

It has been very cold today and I'm not sure whether or not to be thrilled or upset about being called a hoodie in my quest to keep warm with layers. I refuse to accept that I have to give up wearing jeans and a sweatshirt at the weekends just because I'm over 40 – After all, I do wear a suit Monday to Friday.

Which has made me think about Michelle Obama. I've not been particularly impressed with all the press coverage this week focusing on Michelle Obama's wardrobe. Neck on the block time I think whoever advised her about the dress and glove combination on inauguration day got it wrong – but that’s just my personal opinion and not worthy of column inches. Why is she defined by what she wears?

She is a successful lawyer whose husband worked as her office intern twenty years ago. Anyone remember Tony and Cherie Blair and see a resemblance? Cherie's wardrobe might not be to everyone's taste at all times - but that seems to get more comment in some quarters than her successful career as a QC.

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