Tuesday, 10 February 2009

9th Feb 09

Sometimes you just have stop for a few hours and take stock of things.

Today will be very long but it’s a day for running through all my paperwork and double checking that my to do list hasn’t missed anything I’ve been contacted about and that my diary is up to date . I also hope to trawl through my ever expanding Inbox and deal with the emails that are just a quick read before deleting and action those that really require it.

And – time willing - I also hope to update my website which others have kindly been keeping ticking over whilst I hit the ground running as a new County Councillor.

Along with lots of families across the country I’m bracing myself for half term next week and mentally sticking a lock on the office door to stop things being moved about or borrowed! As I have sons, I find threatening to give them very public displays of affection normally does the trick. They are the best behaved individuals you could ever find on a shopping trip to a supermarket!

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