Friday, 30 January 2009

30th Jan 09

My Wednesday entry about 14 days advance notice to hold us to account at full Council Meetings has provoked some replies about the length of the notice required.

And my apologies - I got it slightly wrong. Whilst it's 14 days for Councillors to put forward written questions to a full Council meeting, the public only have to give 2 days notice. Apologies for any confusion caused!

Well today's grumble is that there is snow forecast over the weekend. Children in the villages will be ecstatic if the schools are closed on Monday - my two will be walking with fingers and toes crossed all weekend - but for myself it's a blow to my decision to dust the bike off in the garage and get back out there and practice U turns (of a motoring rather than political nature) before I take my bike test again.

I have owned my bike for an embarrassing length of time and have promised my nearest and dearest to either finally take my test or sell it this year.

I may have to wait another few weeks ……….

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