Thursday, 5 February 2009

5th Feb 09

With lots of County Schools closed this morning my children got an unexpected tour of Shire Hall whilst I attended a Scrutiny Committee Meeting – I was determined that no amount of snow would stop me getting there to discuss the proposed closure of Wessex Place. At least it answered the question of “So Mum, what did you do today?” which one of them asks me every day when he gets back from school.

My usual 15 minute journey took about 90 minutes, not least of which was due to the lorry stuck on Madingley Hill which brought the area to a gridlocked standstill.

What struck me most about my drive in, was the plight of cyclists. Despite the fact that Cambridge was recently accredited as a Cycle Demonstration City, our cyclists get a raw deal from the County Council administration.

Cycle paths are gritted if all the following are ticked on a checklist:

· surface temperatures are unlikely to rise above freezing point for the period;
· ice is forecast and conditions continue until after midday on any individual day;
· there is enough salt to grit roadways.

So cyclists have to struggle in on untreated cycle surfaces and hope a) they don’t have an accident, b) the checklist conditions will be met sooner rather than later.

I’ve yet to be convinced that this administration really does want to encourage motorists away from their cars and to encourage cycle use!

All I can say is that the two people I saw cycling through the snow of Madingley Village this morning are hardy and brave souls. Motorists showed them no consideration and a few managed to drive so close to them that they were sprayed in Slush. Shameful!

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