Saturday, 1 November 2008

Day Twenty One – Yellow, black and blue all over.

Thank you to the wonderful people of Barton that the team and I met this morning. It’s not the best of times to knock on people’s doors (as the heat escapes and a keen candidate wants to know your inner most thoughts on life in the village), but residents were forth coming with their views and I was able to share my gardening secret with someone raking up leaves. For those of you in the same boat at this time of year, the average 10 – 13 year old (age, size and weight are important variables here) will be very glad to have extra pocket money in return for “bin jumping”. When else will parents let you jump up and down in the green bin! From personal experience I can assure you that you can more than double the quantity that normally fits into a green bin if it has been “jumped!” Before I get inundated with health and safety complaints I make them wash their hands afterwards!

Blue all over? I bought the Cambridge United tickets as promised and the yellow and blacks were a treat to watch. But I have to confess that we were all rather blue by half time and that hot chocolates were held more as a hot water bottle than a beverage.

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Anonymous said...

Got your leaflet today - great blog - and good luck with your campaign!