Saturday, 1 November 2008

Day Nineteen - Try before you buy

How often do you actually get to try a politician out before you sign on the dotted line for the next 4 years?

It’s been a thought provoking exercise as I’ve been canvassing locally this week. And people really seem to be signing up for it. Having a by-election at a cost of approximately £15,000 which could have been much better used elsewhere, approximately 6 months before you have to have another County Council Election, gives the local electorate six months to try me out and see if I turn up to represent their views and needs effectively at Shire Hall.

And trust me the views are coming in fast. You get to see the truly awful state of our local pavements whilst out canvassing, as you trip over manhole covers that are no longer flush with the road surface or pavement. I’m fit and steady on my feet but sadly that’s not the case for all the residents in our villages.

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