Saturday, 1 November 2008

Day Eighteen – Winter is coming!

A bit of a damp squib today as the residents of Hardwick saw three very wet Lib Dem campaigners park up in a lay-by and get into one car to wait for the hail stones to stop falling. The prospect of campaigning in summer months definitely appeals for next time!

Once we’d thawed out and dried off a bit we got to meet the people who live on and use Cambridge Road in Hardwick. It would be fair to say that a significant percentage of people we spoke to are thoroughly cheesed off with the traffic situation and believe it will never be sorted out. Luckily they are not the majority and there is a determined spirit to see changes made. I can assure the Hardwick Parish Council that they left me in absolutely no doubt – whatsoever! – about the strength of local feeling in relation to this traffic chaos spot. It’s high on my list of priorities should the people of Hardwick Ward elect me on 27th.

There have also been issues relating to anti-social behaviour in public open spaces in Hardwick and I’d urge anyone with anything to say on the issue to come along to the next Neighbourhood Policing Panel which will be held in Hardwick on November 19th. It’s vitally important to be heard and everyone has a chance to air their views.

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