Friday, 30 January 2009

Jan 29th 09

At a time when life is very challenging for so many people, it was really heartening to stop for a few minutes during the News bulletins this evening and look at what can only be described as a true celebration of a life.

Bill Stone, one of the last veterans of the First World War, was buried today in a ceremony that was a celebration of a life lived to the full. What has always struck me whenever I’ve seen him interviewed was the beaming smile on his face. He just exuded an infectious happiness.

I was truly struck by the dignity of Bill and his two colleagues at the cenotaph in November when they laid wreaths for their fallen comrades. The wonderful Remembrance Day refrain of “they gave their tomorrows that we might have our today” begs the question – have we made best use of the gift we were given?

I don’t have a glib answer but it is my thought for the day.

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