Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A time of change

No one really knows what is happening at the moment – and I don’t want to speculate here. Along with many local Cllrs my phone and email Inbox have been buzzing all weekend with people firmly pro and anti the various discussions that are going on in London at the moment. But I can assure anyone that has contacted us that we have passed on your views!

Closer to home, due to work commitments David Jenkins has stood down as group leader of the Lib Dems on the County Council, and I have replaced him. David and his predecessor, our new MP Julian Huppert, are a hard act to follow but it’s an interesting time to be taking the job on. Top of the list for the whole County has to be pushing for the Guided Bus to finally open at the often promised “no cost to the tax payer”.

At home I feel like the creator of Bart Simpson. His children were mildly impressed but wanted to know what he’d do next. After 5 weeks of a very busy election campaign my two sons were just stunned to have a home cooked meal last night that hadn’t been prepared by someone else!

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