Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Almost 48 hours and counting

My blog has fallen by the wayside in recent weeks – and I’ve really missed putting thoughts down at the end of a sometimes unusual day.

The last few weeks have seen over 80,000 leaflets delivered throughout the South Cambs constituency, and many miles walked and doors knocked on in Caldecote, Kingston and Toft whilst introducing District Council candidate Tumi Hawkins to local residents.

It’s almost all over – one last push before the polls open at 07:00 on Thursday morning. Waking up to the result on Friday morning is certainly going to be very different to anything we could have imagined just five weeks ago.

Hard work – but worth every blister and scrapped knuckle that came with it (I can only dream of the day letter box flaps stop fighting back!).
And the 14 year old? After weeks of listening to debate and asking 101 questions he's asking to join in when we deliver leaflets - I no longer have to "persuade" the family to come and give me a hand!

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