Monday, 22 March 2010

The thill (?) of the open road

We’ve all moaned in recent months about the state of the County’s roads and pavements and even our local radio stations are handing out awards for the biggest or deepest pothole etc. Very shortly we’re going to have a new and potentially more serious problem on our hands. Whilst car drivers and cyclists tend to use the same mode of transport all year round, March / April brings many motorcyclists on to the roads for the warmer months.

I’ve made no secret of my midlife crisis bike licence last year, and I’ve certainly never advocated people using motorbikes rather than more sustainable methods of transport. I live in a village which is not blessed with a great bus service to the other 8 villages that I represent and therefore I do use a car or bike to get about. Now that the nights are getting lighter I’m going to try getting to more Parish Council meetings by bicycle.

The reason I flag this up is that Hardwick hosts the only DSA Motorbike Test Centre in the County. Students have to come here to take their bike test, and they will take their Part 2 test out on the local roads. Hitting a pothole in a car is one thing – but hitting one on a motorcycle could be lethal.

Here’s hoping we get some of them filled in on the main routes before someone is seriously injured.

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