Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Cheese and Onion Crisps

These are my absolute downfall. I can leave cakes and bread (not surprisingly as I’m wheat intolerant) but you can tell when it’s been a really stressful day – I reach for them. Two packs today – 2 teenagers (well one is and the other thinks he ought to be) + one TV remote control = fireworks. I feel a banning of set watching coming on.

Whoever writes the definitive guide to surviving teenagers will make a fortune – but sadly it’s not going to be me!

Elsewhere there’s a definite feeling of calm before the storm. People of all political persuasions are beavering away in the background just waiting for the word that the election’s been called. At least the exercise delivering leaflets and door knocking always makes me feel I’ve had a positive end to the day. And finally seeing daffodils is a definite plus!

If I ever get to be a grandparent I shall sit back and smile. Probably the way my folks do just at the moment!

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