Friday, 19 March 2010

Sport Relief Rocked

Last year, for Comic Relief, the Lib Dem group on the County Council were all pictured wearing red noses and we had a whip round to support this very good cause.

This year, the County Council’s call centre in St Ives got 160(ish) of us together to man the phone lines until from 19:00 Friday evening until 02:00 this morning taking donations as part of a nationwide team of call centres.

I can only express my extreme thanks and admiration to all those who worked so hard to raise over £100,000. Some (including myself) took donation calls, some kept us plied with refreshments and a few hardy soles stood outside in the rain directing cars so that those of us on the late shift didn’t have so far to walk when we left in the wee small hours. It worked like clockwork and heartfelt congratulations go to the organisers of the evening. I’ll be back to volunteer again next year!

And a special thanks must go to my son, whom I promised to keep anonymous, for the loan of his CVC football kit. As it was Sport Relief, we were a well turned out sporty lot on the helpline!

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