Thursday, 24 September 2009

A grumpy Hal9000!

The Blog is back – and how I have missed it. After a very relaxing summer holiday I returned to find that just about every electrical item in my house has either given up and self destructed or just developed a bad attitude and begun an irritatingly slow work to rule. Most prominent of these has been my laptop ("affectionately" named Hal9000) which is currently refusing to log me on to certain sites in a timely fashion – most irritatingly my BLOG! With the reassurance of tender words and the promise of extra memory, a harmonious relationship seems to have redeveloped. On a side note, for 2001 fans, I was over the moon to meet someone recently whose uncle's first names were Hal David!

I’m full of the joys of autumn this morning having just come back from a great conference in Bournemouth. It’s always good to catch up with colleagues when you have time to actually discuss things and look at future issue with a bit more time. One of the additional benefits of attending conference has been the stunning array of free, high quality training on offer which I have made full use of.

So I’m back, re-energized, and ready for action!

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