Saturday, 26 September 2009

Acknowledgement for our campaigning!

Sometimes I dread looking at my Inbox: 70 unread messages in less than 24 hours is not unheard of. For once though, I opened my Inbox this morning and got a really nice and totally unexpected surprise. Having sat through all the awards at our Bournemouth Conference, and cheered for the very worthy recipients, I was stunned to discover we’d won something too!

Without telling us, our Agent, Martin Land, submitted our Hardwick By Election Campaign for the newly constituted ALDC Campaigner Awards 2009. Our category was for the 'Best Ward Campaign 2009'.

The award was won by Kensington & Chelsea who recently won their first ever borough council seat with an excellent campaign. However, we were Runners Up.

"Commended - Hardwick County Division of Cambridgeshire, with campaigning organised by Martin Land and with Cllr Fiona Whelan as candidate."

All I can add is that the Boss – aka Martin – really knows his stuff, and a great team worked their socks off to get me elected. The candidate is always the public winner in an election, but as anyone who has ever stood for election knows, it takes a lot of people in the background to win it. My heartfelt thanks to all those who grazed their knuckles on letterboxes and wore their shoe leather out on our behalf.

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