Saturday, 30 May 2009

Last week and counting ....

We're in to the last week of campaigning and although we're all still knocking on doors (and asking people to come out and vote on Thursday) I shall be glad when this particular election is over.

I was lucky enough to win at a by-election in November. Then, it was all hands on deck and, having never been involved in a County Council election, a very exciting time. We were all full of enthusiasm and it paid off as we won what had previously been a Conservative held seat.

This time I, and my County Council colleagues of all party persuasions are finding it very demoralising. For myself, I have been to almost all of my 9 parishes Parish Council meetings over my sixth month term, I’ve responded to constituents emails and delivered on the issues I promised during my last election campaign. And yet I’m still not sure it’s enough to persuade people to turn out and vote on June 4th.

Let the politicians in Westminster underestimate the strength of feeling in the country at their peril. The system has to change –saying sorry and paying the money back is not going to be enough!

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