Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Comfy Shoes

Well it’s definitely election time. My VERY comfy election shoes as they are referred to by the family (functional and practical but hardly the height of fashion) are comfortably broken in and clothing is starting to feel less snug than it has done since Christmas. Crisps are banished in favour of peanut butter on rice cakes to keep me going as I’m not home for regular meals (and yes I agree that they taste like cardboard at times but if you’re intolerant to wheat like me you eventually learn to find them palatable!) Like most people out knocking on doors at the moment I can only add my agreement that canvassing is good for you!

My evenings this week seem to be mostly taken up with Parish Council Meetings and a number of their AGMs. Monday saw me sprint between two of them. Much to their amusement I was in time for both with some careful planning and jiggling of my placement on the agenda.

And as the week goes on people are gradually thawing in their hostility to local politicians. The record of what I’ve achieved over the last 5 – 6 months speaks louder than any printed party political waffle can. Plus I can hold my head up when asked if I’m only around in the villages when I want a vote. My track record of attending County and Parish Council Meetings, sending in reports and following up on constituents calls speaks for itself. And I’m very much looking forward to tea with the over 60s on Friday morning! Those living in sheltered accommodation in our villages are an absolute mine of information and give me most of the best feedback I get in relation to pavements, pot holes and other things that need to be done.

So shoes dusted off again today and back out on the doorstep.

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Ian said...

I will never ever ever ever find rice cakes palatable!!

Dont settle for any of that rubbish!! Be imaginative as being a coeliac/wheat intolerance is no excuse these days for putting up with cardboard food.

Eat proper food and GF chocolate such as fruit and nut and Kendal mint cake, you will burn the calories off.

Im finding those Uncle Ben packs of microwavable risotto very handy just before going walking around campaigning