Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Happy Holidays

With my mother currently snowed in and her pre Christmas visit abandoned, and both my father and other half contemplating whether to make trips to the frozen Scottish Border it’s difficult to answer when people ask what we’re doing for Christmas. Staying home mostly seems to cover it! Whilst I deal with all the domestic things that mysteriously happen “as if by magic” over the holiday season, the younger members of the household are building an igloo in the back garden.

I hate driving on snow at the best of times and accomplished a very controlled, slow speed, 180 degree spin this morning – much to my eldest son’s amazement and amusement. Caldecote, as with many other areas in the County, gets little / no gritting when it snows. Whilst we all hope that the current gritting review will be completed in a timely fashion, it’s a good time to remind people that Parish Councils can purchase their own gritting bins and the County Council will fill them for free. If you’re suffering with icy areas at the moment, please contact your Parish Council before their next meeting in January and ask about gritting bins.

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