Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Off and running

I’m watching this General Election through the eyes of my 14 year old son. Politics has always been around in our house, and he has seen me go through 2 County Council elections in the last 18 months. This time is different though. He realises that bar a re-run of ’74 he’s likely to be able to vote in the following election. So he’s taking note.

It’s also the first time that I have been part of a General Election campaign as an activist. Previously I’ve just put my “X” in the box.

One quirk this time around is that although only two elections can ever be held at a time, three are actually scheduled for May 6th in some areas. Parish Councils are up for re-election together with some District Council seats ……. and then there’s the General Election.

Parish Councils are waiting to see if their election will be bumped until later in May. If more candidates stand that the number of seats available, the election will be bumped. If the right number (or less) stand however then they are automatically returned on May 6th and no Parish Council election tales place.

Nominations close at 12:00 today (April 8th) for District and Parish Elections!